External Wall Insulation

C&P Plastering Contractors Ltd are specialists in providing External Wall Insulation Systems

External Wall Insulation (EWI) is the application of an insulation system to the outside wall of the building/property. It is the finished with a decorative reinforced render coating. EWI will improve the building’s energy efficiency and minimise heat loss in the cold weather saving you money on your heating costs. As well as reducing heat loss the system will improve the aesthetics of the building and protect the building, eliminate damp and reduce noise levels.

It is estimated that almost 45% of energy can be lost through un-insulated exterior walls. External Wall Insulation (EWI) acts like a protective shell around your home, shielding the property from the elements and retaining the warmth inside.

Benefits include:

Reducing your utility bills
Improving your property’s energy efficiency rating (EPC)
Eliminating condensation and damp
Warming the home more rapidly
Improving the property value
Making your house look more attractive and marketable
Reduce traffic noise
Help reduce carbon emissions and improve climate change

And some more benefits of EWI Systems:

Minimal disruption during application
Valuable internal space is not compromised
Durable for the lifetime of the building
Low maintenance
Strengthens and prolongs the building life
Extensive range of products, colours and finishes.

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